Clear leaves fast with the Echo ES-255ES ‘Shred n’ Vac’ petrol blower

Raking up leaves is something that gardeners no longer have to concern themselves with, as there are leaf blowers which will get the job done much more quickly and effectively.

With the Echo ES-255ES 'Shred n' Vac' petrol blower the time taken to get rid of leaves is minutes rather than hours, giving people more time to devote to other areas of the garden, such as the flowerbeds or vegetable patch.

It features a fingertip control throttle, which allows you to change the speed of the air from a gentle blow to a powerful blast.

What makes this machine stand out from all the rest is that it comes with a vacuum nozzle, which when added turns it from a leaf blower into a shredder.

That means it can reduce leaves where they lie and create a mound of organic mulch.

At MowDirect, the Echo ES-255ES 'Shred n' Vac' petrol blower is available for just £288.99 and that also includes delivery the next working day and a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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