Alko Aquatrolley offers a hassle free way to water your garden

With the hot sunshine continue to bear down on us, gardeners up and down the country will be doing all they can to keep plants watered in the hope the dry spell won’t turn their gardens into a dust-ball.

Gardens are a real investment for many household and with great deal of money spent on plants and vegetation – as well as time and effort producing flower beds and attractive borders – you can’t afford to let all your hard work and money go to waste.

Many of us know that with hose pipe bans looming, keeping on top of this task will become more arduous and time consuming. Thankfully though, the new Alko Aquatrolley makes the chore of keeping your plants and garden properly watered simple and hassle free.

The Alko Aquatrolley is a new concept garden watering. If you’ve ever struggled around the garden with a large watering can – and let’s face it in this heat your normal watering can is going to feel heavier than ever – than you’ll appreciate this automated wheeled watering trolley which feels incredibly lightweight and east to handle.

Alko Aquatrolley
Alko Aquatrolley

Holding three times as much liquid as a standard watering can, the Alko Aquatrolley saves on trips back to the water but or tap to refill and it’s 26 litre capacity tank has a wide opening to prevent spills when filling.

Equipped with a battery powered pump, the Alko Aquatrolley also enables you to direct water exactly where you need it to go so you use less and conserve more water to get the job done. The pump is specially designed to ensure the gentle jet of water won’t damage your plants and one charge can be used with up to 10 tanks of water!

The hose also has an extendible spiral cord that enables you to reach up to hanging baskets and direct the flow of water to your chosen spot.

A special offer we’re supplying the Alko Aquatrolley at introductory price of just £109! But hurry, at this price and with the hot weather set to continue, stocks won’t last long!

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