Chop away with the Efco 136 multi-purpose petrol chainsaw

Chop away with the Efco 136 multi-purpose petrol chainsaw
    Gardeners planning to undertake small tree surgery projects themselves should make sure they have a chainsaw which will not let them down.

The Efco 136 multi-purpose petrol chainsaw, which has been built to last and features technology found in higher-specification chainsaws, could be the perfect tool.

It boasts an automatic oil pump and an electronically-controlled digital coil, which helps keep fuel consumption low and makes it perfect for gardeners trying to reduce their impact on the environment.

The cutting is taken care of by a 35 cm Oregon bar and chain for more efficient sawing and better lubrication, with the power delivered by a 35.2 cc two-stroke Emak engine.

In addition, an anti-vibration system isolates the body and hands of the user from the machine, making it more comfortable and convenient for the person using it.

All this quality is available from MowDirect for just £179, which also includes free delivery the next working day and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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