Get those perfect edges with the Enviromower LK270 Trimmer Edger

Getting the edges of the lawn and flowerbeds exactly as one wants them can be a difficult challenge unless gardeners use a proper trimmer edger. With its easy-to-attach design, the Enviromower LK270 Trimmer Edger could bring an end to all of those frustrating afternoons trying to get each edge as straight and as perfect as possible.

The LK270 feeds off the Enviromower’s on-board battery, meaning it is a cordless machine and easier to manoeuvre around the lawn.

It features automatic line-feed and length adjustment as well as a height adjustment setting to allow gardeners to get the most comfortable position for them.

With the Enviromower LK270 Trimmer Edger, green-fingered enthusiasts can trim grass to solid edges such as rockwork, timber or sleepers quickly and easily.

It can also tackle long grass around items such as poles and pots as well as other features in the garden.

MowDirect is offering this brilliant piece of machinery for £79, complete with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and free next day delivery.

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