Hedge Cutting Season – Tools & Equipment

So you’ve got the lawn nicely trimmed and stripy, the edges and rough grass mown and neat.

But just in case you thought you could sit back and relax, take a look at the hedges.

The young birds have mostly fledged by now so there is little risk of disturbing the nesting sites, but it is better to start on the hedges now rather than leave them until later and try to get away with just cutting the hedges once.

For not only will they look neater and set off the rest of the garden, they will also appreciate a trim and thicken up as a result.

All hedges need a final cut in the late autumn as well, but it is important to see that they are trimmed and free of all climbing weeds and bramble which can invade around the roots at this time of year.

Here at Mowdirect we have around 100 hedge trimmers to choose from. Unless you have a small inner city garden with little fencing, we normally recommend gardeners to choose a petrol hedge trimmer.

Electric hedge trimmers have the advantage of being light and easy to handle but huge advances in the design of petrol powered hedge trimmers mean they are much easier to start and handle than in the past and yet are powerful enough to go through quite large woody twigs.

We believe that Tanaka makes the best range of petrol hedge cutters you can get. They are light to handle, very easy to start and come with a five year warranty for normal domestic use. Professional gardeners also benefit from a two year warranty.

We can offer up to £100 off manufacturer’s recommended price and can deliver them free to your door.

Their standard range starts with the Tanaka THT-2000 which has a twist grip handle, is hugely powerful and yet weighs just 4.2kg. Mowdirect is offering these at just £214.

If you have wider and longer hedges you should consider buying a machine with a bigger blade and the Tanaka THT-240 is just the ticket.

It still weighs only 4.9kg and produces less strain on the arms during longer periods of use.

With a five year warranty and free next day delivery, it costs just £309, an enormous saving.

A more powerful machine ideal for both amateur and professional gardeners is the Tanaka THT-210S which, although still lightweight, is sturdy enough to be a favourite of garden contractors.

It has a 180 degree pivoting handle for shaping hedges and has a two year commercial warranty (five years for domestic gardeners).

Easy to start, it costs just £329, a huge saving for such a powerful machine.

Tanaka’s top of the range machine is their THT-2540 which is aimed at the gardener and contractor with very demanding hedges. It has a 40 inch single sided blade and is a very heavy duty machine capable of making light work of even the thickest most overgrown hedges.

With free next day delivery and a two year commercial warranty it costs £379 and is a true hard-working professional machine.

But if you think a simple electric hedge trimmer is sufficient then Bosch has a large range starting with their AHS 4-16 model.

This is the smallest and easiest to use in their range but has a powerful 380 watt motor sufficient for lighter growth.

Just £49.95, it comes with free next working day delivery and a two-year warranty. It’s the perfect machine for the smaller garden.

Keep an eye on our blogs for next we’ll be giving advice on long handled machines essential for trimming tall hedges.

From all the team at Mowdirect, good gardening and don’t forget to keep the lawns trimmed and neat as well.

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