Apache scarifiers restore lawns

Scarifiers make the job of removing excess thatch from lawns so much easier and they are particularly useful for gardeners who have to manage larger areas. The Apache VT35 petrol scarifier, available from MowDirect, has a robust steel deck and fifteen carbon steel blades, which are double ended for extra durability.

It has a 16 inch working width, so gardeners can get to grips with unkempt lawns quickly and transform them into lush green spaces in no time.

Another time-saving device is the 40 litre collection bag, which sits at the back of this machine, and allows operators to pick up the thatch as it is removed.

The large wheels on this Apache scarifier make this model easy to manoeuvre.

Garden equipment often takes up a lot of space in the back yard, so the fact that the Apache scarifier has fold-away handles will be good news for those with limited room.

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