Ride-on mowing for less

Ride-on lawn tractors are the perfect solution for those who have large gardens to maintain or anyone who needs a machine that can do all the hard work for them. MowDirect is pleased to offer for sale the MTD-Mastercut 76 Ride-on Tractor Mower, which can handle lawns up to one and a half acres and is the ideal model for first-time buyers.

The 46 cm turning radius means even the smallest circle can be manoeuvred with ease, so grass that surrounds flower beds and trees can be kept trim and tidy at all times.

It can cut large lawns quickly with its hi-lift blade and powerful 11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

Time-constrained gardeners will be pleased with the 200 litre grass collector, which is large enough to minimise emptying stops.

The shift-on-the-go transmission also saves time as operators can change gear without stopping.

A tow bar is included with this machine, so accessories including tipping carts and rollers can easily be added to the tractor.

What’s more, all the features are available at a budget-conscious £1,499, so mowing the lawn no longer means breaking the bank.

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