Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw promises to make light work of undergrowth

Those planning to clear away the deadwood and rejuvenate their gardens in time for the summer may want to get a good chainsaw and get a move on! Gardeners will be able to make quick work clearing away unwanted branches and trees with the Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw.

What’s more, MowDirect’s free next working day delivery will ensure that backyards are in tip-top condition before the sun returns later this week.

For just £149.95, the Einhell BGPC-3735 comes with a range of free accessories including a safety helmet, working gloves, a chainsaw carrying case and a cutter rail cover, among others.

The device itself boasts great performance and high reliability thanks to its sturdy 37.2cc 2-stroke engine.

An automatic chock, primer and electronic ignition also make sure that it is always on hand to cut through even the densest areas of undergrowth.

The chainsaw weigh just 5.7kg and has a cutting speed of 19 metres per second, while automatic chain lubrication ensure that it can be used for prolonged periods without need for respite.

An automatic chain brake will stop the device in just milliseconds, while the chain catch protects against the risk that the chain will jump off its rail.

For anyone hoping to make light work of their spring-time gardening after a winter of backyard neglect, the Einhell BGPC-3735 could be the perfect answer.

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