£100 free accessories with Karcher pressure washer

Gardeners who hurry to MowDirect can get their hands on £100 worth of free accessories with every purchase of a Karcher K2900 Deluxe Presure Washer. The machine features a powerful 1400 watt motor which enables it to pump out 330 litres of water an hour at 100 bars of pressure.

This means that a grimy driveway, mossy patio or dirty decking can be made to sparkle with minimal time and effort from the user.

With summer now in full swing, it is the ideal time to clean up the communal areas and enjoy a BBQ and the Karcher K2900 is the perfect tool for the job.

To see the powerful machine in action, visit MowDirect’s website and watch a video of just how impressive the washer is.

MowDirect is offering the Karcher K2900 Deluxe Presure Washer at the unbelievable price of £129.98, which is more than £100 less than its retail value.

Accessories that the company will throw in for free include a T-Racer Patio and Decking Cleaning Attachment, wash brush, dirtblaster, ten clean tablets and a detergent suction tube.

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