‘Hotel for frogs’ to open in Scotland

A volunteer group in Scotland is making plans to create a special habitat which will encourage local frogs to mate. The structure will be based next to a pond in Edinburgh’s Red Walled Garden and will also feature space for frogs to hibernate during the winter months.

It is hoped that the shelter will protect the amphibians from various predators, such as foxes and birds.

The project is part of the Action Earth campaign, which was launched on Tuesday (March 3rd) by Community Service Volunteers (CSV).

Commenting on the ‘frog hotel’, Robert Henderson, Scottish co-ordinator of the CSV campaign, told the Scotsman: "It’s an amusing way of presenting something that is really fairly serious.

"It’s to provide protection for the frogs that congregate around the pond when they come out of hibernation for the mating season."

Frogs mate around water sources when they reach maturity and the male of the species will generally make a special call to attract females. Frogs tend to reproduce in February in the UK.

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