Hayter announce launch of New R53S & R53A Recycling Mowers

Hayter have just announced the launch of two new lawn mowers for the 2009 season. Following on from last season’s introduction of the ‘R48′ mulching mowers, the Hayter R53S and R53A Recycling Lawn Mowers are soon to be released. Details have been seeping out from Hayter’s Spellbrook HQ and the company told MowDIRECT that the new Recycling mowers ‘have been developed with both the environment and the end user at the forefront.’ They added: ‘This will expand the Hayter recycling product range whilst also offering a wider selection in our four-wheel product category.’

The new Hayter R53S and R53A lawnmowers are identical in features and distinguished from one another only by the material of the cutting deck. The R53S Recycling Lawn Mower has a pressed steel deck and is intended to be a functional and high quality product. The cast aluminium deck on the R53A Recycling Lawn Mower builds on the qualities of the steel deck, but offers the additional benefit of a durable, long lasting and rust free material.

The key features shared by the Hayter R53S and R53A Recycling lawn mowers include the choice of recycling, collecting or discharging the grass cuttings. Both models also have a Briggs and Stratton 6.75 ‘Ready Start’ engine with electric key start facility. One of the more innovative features on these recycling mowers is the ‘Sens-a-speed’ variable speed transmission that automatically adjusts to your walking pace – a great idea and unique to Hayter!

The recycling feature on these mulching lawn mowers helps to maintain a healthy and green lawn by re-circulating the grass clippings into a fine mulch and then returning them to the lawn where they rapidly decompose, putting precious nutrients back into the soil. This helps save on chemical forms of fertilizer and so provides an environmental benefit to your garden.

The two new Hayter Recycling mowers will be available from MowDIRECT in February, 2009. Check back soon and visit our page on Hayter Recycling Lawn Mowers where you will find full product details on the R53S and R53A Recyclers as well as the best deals available online with our Fast, Free delivery service and cheapest prices!

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