STIHL Brushcutters & Clearing Saws – New for 2008

MowDIRECT are pleased to be able to announce the launch of the new 2008 range of brushcutters and clearing stores from STIHL. STIHL offer an impressive range of brushcutters and clearing saws capable of taking care of the smallest of domestic applications to the largest and most arduous of commercial contracts. A combination of ergonomics, innovation and new technology ensure that whichever STIHL model you purchase, it is designed to perform at the highest level.

Ideal for smaller domestic applications, STIHL Grass Trimmers have curved shafts and employ nylon line heads for trimming border areas and the edges of your lawn. They’re great for maintaining a neat and tidy appearance in smaller sized gardens and are able to reach areas of overgrown grass where a lawn mower can not be used. Models range from the entry level STIHL FS38 Grass Trimmer weighing just 4.1 kg to the slightly more powerful STIHL FS 45 C-E Grass Trimmer which comes equipped with Ergostart technology to make starting feel light and easy.

Next in the line up from STIHL are a range of Lightweight Brushcutters. These are more robust machines which are capable of tackling particularly dense areas of growth. STIHL brushcutters within this category come with a choice of loop handle for working in confined spaces or widegrip handle bars which combined with the supplied harness provide comfortable operation on more open ground. All STIHL Lightweight Brushcutters with widegrip handles also come supplied with a metal blade as well as a nylon line head.

If you have a large sized garden with lots of clear up work to undertake you need to look at the STIHL range of Powerful Brushcutters. Models within this category make use of the STIHL 4-mix engine which provides fast acceleration and added torque but in a quiet, user friendly manner. As well as advanced modern engines, these hardwearing brushcutters employ anti-vibration systems for comfortable operation and the more powerful models are suitable for tackling undergrowth as well as mowing large areas of dense grass.

If you are a professional gardener who depends on your equipment day in, day out and expect nothing but the best in performance, the STIHL range of Professional Clearing Saws is the obvious choice. Popular with professionals throughout the world, STIHL Professional Clearing Saws come with either 4-mix or 2-stroke engines and certain models are available with extra long or shortened shafts to suit operators of different sizes. In addition all STIHL Professional Clearing Saws are equipped with a 4-point anti-vibration system, fully adjustable wide grip handlebars and a shoulder harness allowing you to work for long periods with less fatigue.

Finally, if you have steep slopes and banks to tackle STIHL Backpack Brushcutters provide a safer and more comfortable means of mowing grass or clearing undergrowth than a conventional type brushcutter. All STIHL brushcutters and clearing saws are available from MowDIRECT with free delivery to the UK mainland.

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