New environmentally friendly low-emission petrol brushcutter from MTD

New for 2008 and just come into stock, MowDIRECT are pleased to be able to announce the launch of this new environmentally friendly low-emission petrol brushcutter from MTD. The MTD 990 Petrol Brushcutter employs advanced 4-cycle engine technology to enable it to be powered by a small-sized 4-stroke engine as opposed to the more traditional but higher emitting 2-stroke engines more often used to power this type of equipment.

Two-stroke engines have always been favoured in the past for a number of good reasons. Firstly, because a 2-stroke engine uses an oil and petrol mix, it is able to run on its side or even upside down. Two-stroke engines have therefore been used on petrol brushcutters because of the greater versatility they offer. They do also however generally produce more power for the size of the engine – useful of course for a hand-held product as it makes them lighter in weight. The problem is 2-stroke engines are very inefficient and use far more fuel than four-stroke engines making them costly to run. In addition, they also emit far more fumes and are terrible polluters when measured against four-stroke engines.

Fortunately the new MTD 990 low emission petrol brushcutter helps to solve this problem and for first time provides the homeowner with an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to 2-stroke brushcutters. It has a small-sized engine helping to keep the overall weight down and the advanced 4-stroke engine technology it employs means it will work at any angle without any reduction in performance. Best of all, there’s no need to be concerned about mixing petrol and oil to correct proportions and achieving the right mix for the machine to run smoothly. Being a four-stroke brushcutter, the MTD 990 has separate chambers for petrol and oil and will run at its best all the time.

Other things you’ll really like about this environmentally friendly brushcutter – apart from the low emissions – include the double handles and shoulder strap which provide added comfort and the ‘1 Finger Start’ pull cord which makes starting it up absolutely effortless. The MTD 990 Low Emission Petrol Brushcutter also comes supplied with both metal blade and nylon line-head.

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