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At MowDIRECT we greatly value your feedback and are here to help you gain a better understanding of lawnmowers and garden machinery in general. It’s important to us that you understand the choices available to you and that you invest in the right machine to get the job done properly and to your satisfaction. Although we hope that the information provided on our website will help you to do this, we do very much welcome any questions or comments you may have either on posts from this Blog or on our website itself and the products we supply. If you want to provide feedback on any of the specific entries on this Blog you will find a comment box at the base of each individual post entry. Please also feel free to use this to raise issues you feel may have been left unanswered by a Blog entry or something you would like to have been covered. We won’t necessarily be able to respond to each individual entry but we will read each one and use the accumulated feedback we receive to help make the Blog more responsive to the issues which interest you most. If you do have a specific product related question for which you require a direct answer please email our Sales Team: [email protected].

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