Blower Blew Up. Bruno Borrowed Better Blower. Redback Cordless Blew Him Away!

Last Friday was not a good day. I blew it. My old, mains electric leaf blower I mean. It went up in a big puff of smoke. I wasn’t asking that much – just the usual blast here and there. But no. It has gone to the great mulcher in the sky. Frankly, it wasn’t … Continued

A Harness, A Harness… My Kingdom For A Harness

One of the reasons why the revolting barons took such deep exception to Edward II, as any fule kno, was his proclivity for hedging (and ditching). How different things might have been had he been armed with the Tanaka 240TBC brushcutter, complete with hedge-trimmer attachment. Those beastly barons and their red-hot poker would have been … Continued

Son of Allen on Trial at London Allotment

And lo, there it was. Yet another plot in a truly dismal state, presided over by yet another serial non-gardener who managed to hoodwink me into thinking he might be up for a spot of allotment gardening (yes, I know it’s been a godawful year and he and his like have all been far too … Continued