Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas Crackers for the Garden

There’s an art to buying presents for Christmas.

And most of us haven’t got it and need a shove in the right direction to buy something worthwhile and welcome.

That’s not a gift which is either taken back as soon as decently possible or posted on Ebay within a couple of days.

So here are ten top cracking deals for Christmas to bring comfort and joy to any gardener.

A Cordless Brushcutter from Energizer Brand

Energizer Cordless Brushcutter
The premium Cordless Brushcutter: Energizer Cordless Brushcutter

The first is the Energizer BEN 40V Brushcutter, a powerful machine ran off a 40 Volt battery, designed for making life a lot easy as there is no need for mixing petrol or trailing a cord to the mains.

With its mean cutting blade it can tear through brambles and thick weeds. Fit the nylon strimming head and it’s 2.4mm cord will trim lawn edges neatly and precisely.

Extra line is fed out automatically, just bump the head on the ground.

It comes with a shoulder harness to make longer jobs less tiring. The battery and charger are supplied seperatley.

It costs £129, £40 less than the listed price and has a two year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

A Petrol Scarifier from Feider Premium Brand

To keep lawns healthy they need regular scarifying and aerating to allow moisture and nutrients to get through to the roots before it evaporates and this little machine is the answer for small to medium-sized lawns.

Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier
Powerful Homeowner-use petrol scarifiers: Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier

The Feider FST212 Petrol Scarifier is one the most impressive machines made by the French manufacturer. This well built product features a 45cm working width with 18 steel blades to effectively remove moss and thatch whilst gently slitting the lawn to improve water drainage.

A single lever adjusting the depth of the blades allowing you to slit as deep as -15mm to allow the roots of the bad lawn to be removed for the healing process to begin.

There is a large 212cc petrol engine which is more powerful than some of the smaller ride on lawnmowers on the market plus a neat little dial and a 35 litre box will collect the debris teased out of the lawn.

It costs £279.95 and we deliver it the following working day with a two-year warranty.

Buy this next one as a gift and you’ll have a friend for life.

An Feider Electric Shredder

The Feider FBVE3000 Electric Shredder (Special Offer) has one of the largest cutting capacities on the market of it’s type.

Silent Electric Shredder from Feider Brand
Super-quiet electric shredder: Feider FBVE3000

This must have product will effectively chop you hedge clippings into a more compact size which can be easily disposed of. Allowing you to put branches as thick as 45mm through it’s 60 litre cutting drum.

There is a debris nudger for helping to push the material down into the blades plus a collection box to keep the job tidy.

It also has a reverse gear in case there is a blockage and transport wheels to enable the machine to be moved from one part of the garden to the next extremely easily.

It costs £169, £80 less than the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty.

A Wolf-Garten Lawn Mower

Now a mower light and easy to use, self propelled and electrically powered.

Wolf-Garten lawn mower
Be an expert: Wolf-Garten lawn mower

The WOLF-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower is quiet and pleasant to use, with no emissions, and yet powerful enough to take on larger lawns. It has a 20 meter power cable.

It is one of the very few self-propelled electrically-powered mowers available and has a 1600W electric motor and a 40cm cutting width.

There are five cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm and if it has a 55 litre grass box.

It also has an anti-kink ‘Flick-Flack’ system to keep the cable away from your feet and stop it getting tangled.

It costs £389, £30 off the list price and has a two-year warranty as well as free delivery within three working days. 

A Racing Petrol Lawnmower

Racing 46490PL-A Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower
A MowDirect Exclusive offer: Racing Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

The Racing 4640PL-A Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower (Exclusive Special Offer) has an efficient 135cc engine and features a large 50 litre grassbox capacity which allows for more time spent mowing and less time emptying.

The cutting width is 46cm making it suitable for lawns up to 800m2 and has cutting heights from 25mm to 65mm with 7 variations.

The price is only £199, £70 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Now a model from one of Britain’s up and coming Brands.

The Feider Electric Start Lawnmower 

Feider 4-in-1 Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Electric Start
A 4-in-1 Electric Start Lawnmower

And if you get fed up with pulling on a starter rope this could be the one.

The Feider T5175ES Power Driven Petrol Lawn Mower has an electric key start and the 51cm cutting width means you can cut those larger areas but effortlessly restart the mower once you return from emptying the grassbox.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 75mm and the grass box holds 60 litres.

It costs £329, saving a whopping £170 off price recommended, and we deliver it free the next working day with a bottle of engine oil. There is a five year warranty from Feider (T&C’s apply). 

Nice to think about the coming Spring and Summer but first there is the small matter of winter to endure. And quite probably lashings of snow as well.

A Petrol Sweeper from Feider’ Brand

This next one from our list to Santa, Feider FBAE200 Petrol Sweeper would make a brilliant gift for anyone who has to spend time clearing heavy leaf fall or with fitting a simple attachment, snow clearing via 2 options: The snow thrower or snow blade.

Best Powered Sweeper: Feider FBA-E200 Self-Propelled Powered Sweeper

This machine has a standard set up of a leaf and debris sweeper, ideal for driveways and large patio areas that receive heavy autumn fall.

This fantastic product allows you to angle the sweeper brushes 15 degrees left or right so whatever is being cleared, move to the side to create a clear walkway.

A 196cc Loncin engine provides the power to the heavy duty sweeper brushes and the 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds will allow for manoeuvring round obstacles much easier as the transmission can be adjusted to the user’s needs.

The FBAE200 also features optional collection box, snow blade and a 2 stage snow blower.

It costs £599, £200 off the list price and we deliver it the next working day with a five year warranty (T&C’s apply).

Now a belting mower at a very special price, one that would delight any gardener with a big area to control and often the choice of the professional gardener.

A Professional machine: Lawnflite-Pro 553HRS-PROHS lawn mower

Lawnflite Pro Rear Roller Lawnmower
Lawnflite Pro from Honda

The Lawnflite-Pro 553HRS-PROHS Rear-Roller Lawnmower has the professional Honda GXV160 engine and is shaft drive rather than with the conventional belt.

The grass collection is fan assisted so it can cope with wet grass and it has a massive 75 litre grass box.

It also has a blade brake clutch so there is no need to stop the engine when crossing gravel paths and the like.

It also has a steel rear roller to leave that much coveted striped finish and the new improved High Speed gearbox will allow for large areas to cut in quick time.

It costs £1499, £100 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty (domestic use).

You could even wrap that separately as an additional gift.

Delivery is free within two to three working days.

Lawn tractors are becoming a more common gift at Christmas and here are a couple which are little crackers – they could even tow the sleigh if Rudolph gets a bit tired.

The Lawnflite 603XT-S Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 603XT-S Lawn Tractor
Great collector: Lawnflite 603XT-S Lawn Tractor

The Lawnflite 603XT-S Lawn Tractor has a 76cm cutting width making it suitable for lawns up to 4000m2 in area and is an excellent collector of wet grass with fan to blow it into the close-coupled grass box.

The cutting deck offset making it easier to cut around flower borders and driving is very easy as it has pedal operated transmission.

It costs £1699, a saving of £200 on the recommended price and has a two-year warranty.

We deliver for free within three to five working days.

And this wonderfully neat little ride-one would delight many a gardener.

The Racing 62PR Lawn Rider

The Racing 62PR is made for lawns around 2000m2 in area and has a 61cm cutting width so it can fit through the majority of garden gates.

Racing 62PR ride on mower
Great machine: Racing 62PR Lawn Rider

The Racing 62PR has now starred in it’s first mowing season in the UK and what a performance. This compact rider has been the perfect product for so many customers over the busy mowing season.

Powered by a 196cc engine, which is started with a key and the 4 forward speed gearbox allows you to select a gear which suits the conditions.

The easy tip grass box holds 150 litres and there a five cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm.

It also comes supplied with a rear discharge chute to help maintain those over grown areas.

Currently selling for under a £1000 at £999, £100 off the recommended price and can be assembled and tested by our team for a further £100.

We can deliver as quickly as next day.

See these pages for a more extensive list of goodies you can delight your friends with this Christmas and don’t leave out too large a glass of sherry for dear old Father Christmas.

You know what he’s like when he’s had a drop.

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