Clean Up Now with our New and Exclusive Range of Wheeled Leaf Vacuums

Ah Autumn. To Shakespeare it is ‘That time of year thou mayst in me behold, When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang. ‘ To Keats is is ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun‘ and to the great Christina Rossetti it is ‘Mine avenue is all a growth of oaks, Some rent by thunder strokes, Some rustling leaves and acorns in the breeze’

Which just goes to show that there is a lot of piffle about Autumn spouted by pale looking people of independent means who have nothing better to do than sigh a bit and write poetry all day. To me, Autumn is a great big clear up, full of time consuming, hard work, can’t shirk back-breaking raking (see I’m a poet too) .

However. It seems my sighs and moans and cries of ‘woe is me’ need be no more (I’m going to stop the poetic language now while I am ahead).

Because for anyone like me who needs to clear the garden, the yard, the patio, the drive or anywhere else, those sensible people at MowDirect have snapped up a range of New and Exclusive, powerful, fast-working outdoor wheeled-vacuums capable of handling large areas and a variety of debris-types. Yes, the Feider Wheeled Lawn & Leaf Vacuums range is here, ready to go and at incredibly good prices.

Leaves may look pretty on the trees but they are a genuine hazard underfoot. They can harbour disease if left on your lawn and cause slips and trips on your property.

So this fabulous range includes 2 high-quality home-user models, the hand-propelled FAST175P and the self-propelled FAST175T, both ideal for clearing clearing lawns, pathways and drives, even tennis courts, courtyards and stable yards.

Each has an excellent Hose Kit available and the self-propelled model, the FAST175T, has a selection of unique powered rake/brush attachments also available separately.

Both have a 58cm clearing width, 5 adjustable height positions 15-60mm and a hardened steel impellor with 5 Serrated Blades to really mulch up the debris and both the FAST175P and the FAST175T can be used on lawns, gravel and other hard surfaces.

The 175P is designed to clear ares up to 4000 m2 and the self-propelled 175T to clear areas up to 6000 m2.

These are the best priced wheeled vacs on the market and, proving that Feider stands by it’s quality, come with an Extended FIVE year warranty.

The FAST175P, the push model, is available exclusively at MowDirect for the very low price of just £399.00.

The self-propelled FAST175T is equally low-priced, and also available only from MowDirect, and costs just £599.00 saving £200 on the RRP.

Both these superb machines come with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY

Our third fantastic value Feider Autumn cleaner being launched is the FAST200T Quiet Industrial-Duty Leaf & Litter Vacuum (Hard Surface)

As the title suggest, this is an industrial-duty model designed for hard-surfaces only so ideal for hospitals, business premises, supermarkets, college and hotels and gives excellent results on yards, car parks, courtyards, driveways, playgrounds and more.

It features an armour-plated, 6 blade impellor to drastically reduce the size of debris, a powerful 7hp / 5.2kW engine and a working width of 79cm.

It has infinitely variable height adjustment for total flexibility and will clear areas up to 6000 m2.

It comes with an on-board hose kit and features a chipper-chute, a 2-speed drive for optimum manoeuvrability and operates at 70 dB(A) making it the quietest industrial-duty vac on the market.

Our special launch deal offers you this rugged, workhorse of a wheeled vac for half the normal price. That’s an amazing deal – £1799.00 instead of £2499.00

NB Feider may not be a well-known name, but we can be confident in saying it is becoming a bit of a star brand at MowDirect – quality items at very reasonable prices with top-class build and performance. Don’t take my word for it, these are all genuine comments from customers about our Feider garden machinery range.

‘I have just ordered another Feider machine – praise indeed!…thanks to MowDirect ‘…very well screwed together and works well….engine is very powerful and easy to start.’ ‘…easy to start and operates well… I will be back for another machine…’ Mechanically it’s very well built…This is a lot of machine for £300 (chippers are expensive) and it does exactly what it’s supposed to...’ ‘Very fast, very powerful machine with an excellent result.’…it was only £250 and most of the other scarifiers were a lot more expensive. I can’t believe how good it is. ‘

So why not take a look at the whole Feider range, and enjoy your garden

Drew Hardy

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