Allett represents British manufacturing at its finest and holds a deserved reputation for producing some of the finest lawn mowers in the world. Allett machines are used in such prestigious venues as Lord's Cricket Ground, Edgbaston and Queen’s tennis club. Specialists in Cylinder Mowers, producing the perfect cut and classic striped finish so popular in these isles, domestic mowers are no less important to Allett and are made with the same precision engineering and high manufacturing standards. Engineered and hand built in Staffordshire, Britain, Allett's domestic machines are meticulously designed, constructed and built to last and exude sheer quality. Allett also makes a range of cartridges to further lawn-care including an aerator, scarifier a de-thatcher and more. MowDirect is proud to supply Allett mowers and offers free delivery with every order

Allett Classic Electric Lawnmowers

Allett Sandringham Electric Lawnmowers

Allett Classic Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Allett Kensington Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Allett Buckingham Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Allett Westminster Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Cartridge Cassettes for Allett Cylinder Mowers

Autosteer Seats for Allett Buckingham Cylinder Lawn Mowers

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