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STIHL FS460 C-EM K Professional Clearing Saw - Short Shaft


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Quick Overview

A shorter version of the FS460 C-EM, the Stihl FS460 C-EM K Professional Clearing Saw has a shaft length of 1.68 meters and incorporates an optimised 25° gear system. It also comes supplied with a chisel tooth blade for use as a saw in forestry applications. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS! STIHL CLEARING SAWS HAVE A 24 MONTH MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.
  • Free Delivery 2-3 Working Days
  • Product Arrives Boxed
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Supplied with a chisel-tooth blade and built around a shorter shaft, this top-of-the-range clearing saw from Stihl is the ideal tool for forestry applications where, as is common, space is at a premium.

Technologically advanced, the Stihl FS460 C-EM K features Stihl’s impressive ‘M-Tronic’ electronic engine-management system. This adjusts ignition-timing and fuel-mixture to suit the prevailing conditions, in turn ensuring optimum engine performance is continuously maintained (manual carburettor-adjustments are not required).

The engine itself is a hugely powerful 3hp Stihl 2-Mix unit, which incorporates cutting-edge stratified-charge technology. This allows for a more lightweight build, without compromising on power-output; and works to cut fuel-consumption by 20-percent. Exhaust emissions are also greatly reduced.

Firing-up the engine is a totally straightforward process, aided by Stihl’s ErgoStart system, which takes the strain out of pull-starts.

Because it’s supplied with an ergonomic padded shoulder-harness and weighs just 8.4kg, the Stihl FS460 C-EM K Professional Clearing Saw will remain comfortable to work with during very lengthy sessions.

Its highly effective four-point anti-vibration system protects against blood-vessel damage in the user’s hands; while its wide-grip ‘cowhorn’-style handle facilitates the smooth sweeping action that achieves the best results when working with a clearing saw.

This model also features a carburettor compensator that works to keep the air/fuel mixture constant as the air filter becomes progressively dirtier.
Features and Specs


  • The most advanced clearing saw Stihl have ever produced
  • Short shaft facilitates use in tight spaces
  • Very high-powered 3hp engine with Stihl’s effort-saving ErgoStart mechanism
  • Stratified-charge technology leads to a 20% reduction in exhaust emissions
  • Compensator for optimum performance in any given conditions
  • Super-simple starting procedure
  • ‘U’-type handle for an easy side-to-side sweeping action
  • Comprehensive 4-point vibration damping
  • Shoulder-harness and nylon-line head included
Engine Type Petrol 2-stroke
Engine Make No
Engine Model 2-Mix with M-Tronic Engine Management
Engine Capacity 45.6cc
Engine Power 3hp / 2.2kW
Starting System ErgoStart Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.75 Litres
Handle Type Cowhorn
Linehead Included - AutoCut 40-2 Twin Line
Line Feed Bump Feed
Blade Included - Chisel-Tooth Saw Blade
Harness Included
Sound Level 101dB (A)
Vibration 2.5 / 2.1m/s2
Weight 8.4kg
Warranty 2 Years