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Ryobi RCS5145B Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar)


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£269.95 (inc. VAT)

Quick Overview

This top-of-the-range, petrol driven chainsaw has a generous 45cm guide bar and a 51cc reliable and quiet 2-stroke engine for plenty of medium scale log cutting and branch removing power. Automatic chain and bar lubrication saves you hassle and time while the anti-vibration system keeps your hands comfortable.
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A very meaty 51cc petrol engine gives all its power to this multi featured and great quality chainsaw, producing a chain speed of 18.1 m/s and 2kw of power for efficient and clean cutting of logs for firewood or to prune, trim and lop smaller branches from trees as part of your garden maintenance.

A 2-stroke engine, such as the one featured on this model, requires a good mix of 2-stroke oil and fuel and a transparent and easily viewable tank lets you see that your levels are correct and kept topped up. The fuel tank takes 0.3L of fuel, so you do not have to spend all your time filling up.

The longer chain bar of 45cm enables you to cut logs up to 90cm in diameter and safety is assured as the operator is protected by both a sturdy and good sized front hand guard and an inertia activated fast-acting chain brake which will protect against possible kickback.

Any good chainsaw user will tell you that keeping your guide bar and chain properly lubricated is a very important regular maintenance task, so Ryobi have included automatic bar and chain lubrication to make things easier.

Comfort and convenience are also important when cutting wood and chainsaws can cause discomfort through excessive vibration. This model, which is also on the quieter side of chainsaws, has a 3-point anti-vibration isolation system to enable operators to work for longer in comfort. Handles are also well designed and comfortable.

The weight of the chainsaw, at 5.4kg, means it is easy to handle and manipulate and the balance is good, with weight distribution enhancing user comfort.
Features and Specs


  • Powerful 2-stroke engine
  • Good quality bar and chain
  • 3-point vibration isolation for operator comfort and fatigue reduction
  • Automatic bar and chain lubrication
  • Fast acting inertia chain brake for safety
  • Clear view oil and fuel tank for easy level checks
  • Front hand guard
  • Warp around handles for ease of use
  • Low weight and good balance
  • Includes 2-stroke oil
  • Includes bar and chain lubricating oil
  • Includes wrench
Engine51cc, (2.0kw)
Chain bar45cm
Chain speed18.1m/s
Fuel tank capacity0.3L