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Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 490)

Product Review (submitted on 22 July 2016):
I bought this mower 9 years ago as a treat to myself. The maintenance costs have been much higher than I had hoped for.

The main culprit has been the variable speed drive. The drive belts wear quickly with the result that the speed lever slips and the drive can eventually fail. With hindsight I would have preferred a simpler more robust drive. Fully variable seems to be the mower's main weak point.

As for the rest, the engine is great although I only use v expensive Aspen fuel now because unleaded tended to the make the engine smoke and block the carburettor. The mower is easy to use and cuts the lawn very nicely. Height adjustment is very simple with one lever and the engine normally starts on the first or second pull.

I would recommend this mower but be aware of the costs of regular maintenance, which are needed to keep it running well.

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