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These premium quality garden tractors from Westwood are designed and built right here in the UK. They have been engineered to cope with the demands of the British garden and offer excellent wet grass collection. A range of powered of accessories are available with Westwood tractors including the unique Powered Grass Collector which leaves a classic striped finish to your lawn. Order from MowDIRECT and we'll deliver your new Westwood tractor fully assembled and ready to use to any address on the UK mainland.

Westwood Lawn Tractors

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  1. Westwood T25-4WD Garden Tractor

    Westwood T25-4WD Garden Tractor

    Westwood’s top-of-the-range T-Series tractor, the T25-4WD, offers ‘on demand’ dynamic four-wheel-drive technology and can cover terrain that would easily defeat less well-equipped machines. It’s fitted with a hugely powerful 726cc Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine, which employs precision-engineered components for smooth, low-vibration operation; and it’s equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to control the ground-speed in infinite increments using dual foot-pedals for an intuitive drive. This impressive machine comes with a 112cm two-in-one cutting-deck (rear-discharge / mulch), but can be fitted with Westwood’s optional 300-litre Powered Grass-Collector, which offers unrivalled wet-weather collection-performance. A ten-step cutting-height allows for a fine-tuned cut; while dynamic traction-control works to ensure the surface of fine lawns is not damaged during turns.

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    £5,595.00 (inc. VAT)
  2. Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor

    Westwood V25-50HE Garden Tractor

    The Westwood V25-50HE is the celebrated UK-manufacturer’s flagship machine, and with its 127cm-wide Combi cutter-deck, it’s capable of covering a substantial paddock or formal lawn in an impressively quick time (the deck is both mulch- and rear-discharge capable, with a 390-litre Powered Grass-Collector available separately). It’s fitted with a massively powerful 726cc twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine that will prove cheap to run and quiet in operation; and it features an Operating Performance Indicator, which relays performance data on an easy-to-read LED dashboard. A foot-pedal operated hydrostatic transmission makes the tractor as easy to drive as an automatic car; while a ten-stage height-of-cut (adjustable between 12 and 101mm) ensures you’ll be able to manage different grass-lengths and weather conditions. An optional 107cm High-Grass Mulching Deck is also available.

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    £5,295.00 (inc. VAT)
  3. Westwood T1600-4WD Garden Tractor

    Westwood T1600-4WD Garden Tractor

    The Westwood T1600-4WD is characterised by its groundbreaking dynamic four-wheel-drive transmission, which makes it possible to work on the most challenging terrain you’re likely to encounter as a domestic gardener. It’s supplied with a 107cm cutter-deck; and it’s driven by a very high-performance 603cc Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine, which has been employed for its quiet, reliable and smooth-running performance. A hydrostatic-drive allows for intuitive control of the ground-speed, both forward and reverse; while a dynamic traction-control prevents scuffing when turning on delicate surfaces. Should you want to bag grass-clippings, you can purchase the optional 300-litre PTO-driven Powered Grass-Collector.

    More Info On The Westwood T1600-4WD Garden Tractor


    £5,095.00 (inc. VAT)
  4. Westwood T1800H Garden Tractor

    Westwood T1800H Garden Tractor

    With its extra-wide 112cm triple-bladed Combi cutter-deck (mulch; rear-discharge), this high-end, British-built garden tractor from Westwood will cover a paddock or substantial lawn in quick time (it’s ideal for areas 15,000m2 and up). It’s powered by a top-class 603cc Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine, which has been specifically selected for its smooth-running, low-noise operation; and it benefits from the employment of a foot-operated hydrostatic-drive, which confers unbeatable control and manoeuvrability. The Westwood T1800 features an Operating Performance Indication system, which displays performance data on an LED dashboard. It has a ten-position cutting-height, so varying grass-lengths can be managed with ease; and it’s fitted with a power take-off, which allows you to expand the versatility of your purchase buy working with any of Westwood’s extensive range of attachments (these included a Powered Grass-Collector; recommended for those who don’t wish to mulch or rear-discharge cut grass).

    More Info On The Westwood T1800H Garden Tractor


    £4,095.00 (inc. VAT)
  5. Westwood T1600H Garden Tractor

    Westwood T1600H Garden Tractor

    Westwood’s best-selling garden tractor, the T1600H, is driven by a very high-specification 603cc Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine for super-smooth operation with impressive fuel-economy. It comes equipped with a generously-sized 97cm Combi cutting-deck, which is capable of either mulching or rear-discharging clippings; and it employs a hydrostatic-drive, which gives you infinitely-variable speed control using a pair of foot-pedals (one for forward; the other for reverse). A ten-step height-of-cut provides enhanced flexibility-of-use; while an integrated computer with dashboard display ensures optimum performance is consistently maintained. The Westwood T1600H can be used with a range of PTO-driven attachments, including a 300-litre powered grass-collector. A High-Grass Mulching Deck is also available and is suitable for the toughest nettle- and bramble-clearing tasks.

    More Info On The Westwood T1600H Garden Tractor


    £3,795.00 (inc. VAT)
  6. Westwood S150H Mini Garden Tractor

    Westwood S150H Mini Garden Tractor

    This maybe Westwood’s most compact garden tractor, but the long-established British manufacturers have not compromised on power, build quality or high-specification features. It comes as standard with a 76cm Combi cutter-deck, which combines both mulching and powered grass-collection capabilities; and it’s driven by a powerful and impressively reliable 500cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which offers smooth, fuel-efficient performance with trouble-free starts. Other premium features include a foot-operated hydrostatic-drive, which gives you smooth, intuitive control over the ground-speed; and a PTO, which makes it possible to work with any of Westwood’s huge range of powered accessories. The Powered Grass-Collector for the Westwood S150H is available separately.

    More Info On The Westwood S150H Mini Garden Tractor


    £2,995.00 (inc. VAT)
  7. Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor

    Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor

    Offering exceptional build-quality and blessed with premium engineering throughout, the Westwood S1500H is aimed squarely at the most discerning domestic gardeners. It’s fitted with a top-quality 500cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which powers a 92cm twin blade cutter-deck with two razor-sharp blades; and it’s equipped with a smooth, foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission, which provides the sort of intuitive control of the ground-speed you’d get with an automatic-drive car. An LED dashboard relays performance information from the onboard computer, so it’s easy to see when adjustments need to be made; while a ten-stage cutting-height provides the flexibility you’ll need to tackle changing weather conditions and grass lengths. This model can be used with Westwood’s optional Powered Grass-Collector, which is renowned for its ability to collect damp clippings without clogging.

    More Info On The Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor


    £2,995.00 (inc. VAT)
  8. Westwood Powered Scarifier

    Westwood Powered Scarifier

    Turn your Westwood garden-tractor into a powerful and effective lawn-scarifier by fitting this tractor-mounted, PTO-driven attachment. It has a substantial 76cm working-width, so will cover a large lawn in quick-time.

    The Westwood Powered Scarifier fits all S, T & V Series Westwood Tractors built Post Dec. 2000.

    More Info On The Westwood Powered Scarifier


    £820.00 (inc. VAT)
  9. Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader (AV100A)

    Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader (AV100A)

    Westwood’s Powered Broadcast-Spreader is the practical and convenient way to apply lawn additives in the summer; and ice-melts in the winter. It’s tractor-mounted and is driven by the tractor’s power take-off.

    The Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader is Suitable for Westwood S & T Series Tractors post Dec. 2000.

    More Info On The Westwood Powered Broadcast-Spreader (AV100A)


    £795.00 (inc. VAT)
  10. Westwood 300 Litre Powered Grass Collector

    Westwood 300 Litre Powered Grass Collector

    For use with any of Westwood’s garden tractors, the Powered Grass Collector is PTO-driven and offers unrivalled damp-weather grass collection. Leaves, twigs, hedge-clippings and other lawn debris can also be picked-up with the PGC.

    The Westwood 300 Litre PGC fits:

    Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor Westwood T Series Garden Tractors

    More Info On The Westwood 300 Litre Powered Grass Collector


    £450.00 (inc. VAT)

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