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STIHL HSE-71/24 Electric Powered Hedge Trimmer

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Quick Overview

Offering more power from a 600 watt motor and a longer blade length of 60cm, the Stihl HSE-71/24 Electric Hedge Trimmer is well suited for use in medium size gardens with mixed hedges and borders. A rotating handle makes for easy operation at differing cutting angles and with a weight of only 4.2kg, comfort during use is guaranteed. The Stihl HSE-71/24 Electric Hedgetrimmer is also equipped with the Triple Switch System safety feature, providing you with a little extra peace of mind when in operation. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS! STIHL ELECTRIC POWERED HEDGE TRIMMERS HAVE A 24 MONTH MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.
  • Free Delivery 2-3 Working Days
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  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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If you’re seeking a powerful but lightweight electric hedgetrimmer that’s a genuinely viable alternative to a petrol-driven machine, then you need look no further than the STIHL HSE-71/24.

It’s been fitted with a very high-performance 600w motor which powers a pair of ultra-sharp laser-cut and diamond-ground blades that offer exceptional cutting-capability and impressive durability. The blades measure an extensive 60cm and have a very generous 36mm tooth-gap, so a fast work rate in large, woody hedges is guaranteed.

So as to ensure you’ll be able to achieve the perfect working-angle for the task in hand, STIHL have equipped this model with a rotary handle that can be set to any of five preset stages through 180°.

Its ideally balanced design works with its low-weight build (4.1kg) and well thought-out ergonomics to maximise control and manoeuvrability; while the provision of cable-strain relief means you won’t have to worry about unintentionally disconnecting the power-lead.

The STIHL HSE-71/24 Electric Hedgetrimmer also features triple-safety switching, which provides the same safety-enhancing benefits as two-handed operation, but gives an increased working range as there’s a choice of hand positions.
Features and Specs


  • A premium-grade mains-driven hedgetrimmer for the more exacting gardener
  • Ultra-lightweight (4.1kg), easy to handle and exceptionally quiet-running
  • Stay-sharp laser-cut blades have been diamond-ground for a crisp, precise cut
  • 36mm tooth-pitch – perfect for taming large-diameter growth
  • Advanced ergonomics allow for safe, comfortable and controlled use
  • Five-step rotary handle provides the optimum working angle for any given job
  • Triple safety-switching and a trigger-lock combine to maximise user-safety
  • Low-noise 600w motor makes this model ideal for residential use
Power (W)600
Blade length (cm)60
Stroke rate (1/Min)2800
Tooth spacing (mm)36
Weight (kg)4.1
Vibration levels (left/right, m/s²)3.2/2.0
Overall length (cm)123
Sound power level (dB(A))96.0
Sound pressure level (dB(A))85.0
Voltage (V)230
Cable length (m)10