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Einhell BGDP-7835 Dirty-Water Pump


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Quick Overview

The Einhell BGDP-7535 offers the sort of performance, build-quality and attractive price-point that people have come to expect from the increasingly renowned German manufacturers. Powered by a very high-performance 780w motor, it’s suitable for the clearance of water from field-sumps, ponds, building sites and basement areas. The motor drives a powerful pump that’s equipped with an infinitely adjustable float-switch that will stop the motor when the water level hits a pre-determined point. This means you can leave the machine running while you get on with other things. This model also features a stainless-steel drive-shaft and impact-resistant plastic housing for strength and durability; and a universal hose-attachment for hassle-free connection. It will move a massive 15,700-litres of dirty water per hour. Foreign bodies (grit, sand, pebbles, etc) up to 30mm in diameter are acceptable.

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This powerful and robustly-built 780w electric water-pump from Einhell will shift up to 15,700-litres every hour and is suitable for the drainage of the sort of dirty-water you’ll find in ponds, dykes, construction areas and flooded cellars. Its hardwearing, high-performance pump benefits from the employment of a float-switch which stops the motor when the water level is low; and then restarts it should the area refill to a pre-selected level. This prevents motor burn-out and allows you to leave the machine running whilst unattended. Foreign particles (sand, mud, small stones and the like) with a diameter of up to 30mm can be pumped-out.

As you’d expect from a German-engineered product, the Einhell BGDP-7835 Dirty-Water Pump is built to last, with its premium-grade stainless-steel drive-shaft and rugged, impact-resistant plastic casing both contributing to a lengthy service-life. It’s equipped with a carry-handle that works with its lightweight build (just 5.05 kg) to make it easy to move from place to place; and it features a convenient universal hosepipe connector.

Features and Specs


  • Powerful and highly durable electric motor
  • Floating switch infinitely adjustable in height
  • High-grade mechanical seal
  • Impact-resistant housing for longevity
  • Cable rewind
  • Convenient carry-handle
  • Universal connector for 25 mm (1") and 32 mm (1 ¼") hoses and G 1 male thread (approx. 33.3 mm)
  • 90 ° angle G 1½" male thread (approx. 47.8 mm) x G 1½" male thread (approx. 47.8 mm)
Max. Particle Size35mm
Float SwitchInfinitely adjustable in height
Flow Rate15,700-litres p/h
Max. delivery height8m
Max. immersion depth8m
Hose connection47,8 mm - 1 1/2" (thread)
Water TypeClean or Dirty
Power Cord10m