Seasonal Food – Hooray for Carrots, Berries and Courgettes Galore – Not to Mention Brody’s Prime Plums

I just adore this season when it comes to food. The bounty of the late Summer is so exciting to the taste buds if, like me, you are an enthusiastic amateur cook who loves creating simple recipes from fresh seasonal ingredients. “What’s that?” you say. “She’s come over all Hugh Fernley-What-Ja-Ma-Call-Him all of a sudden. What’s … Continued

Back from Normandy. Lush, Languorous and Lovely – But Enough About Me…

Oui. Je suis revenu. Bonjour, allo? Sorry…er… Yes. I am back. Good day, hello. As you can see from my somewhat pretentious inability to wrest myself from the clutches of the romantic language of William the Conqueror, Marie Antoinette and Inspector Clouseau, I am only recently returned from my annual sojourn to France, from an area … Continued

The French Don’t Do Stripes But Their Bubbly Is Lovely

Bonjour. In a never to be repeated, once in a lunchtime event (it is lunchtime and I am aware of the smell of conft duck coming from the kitchen) I am writing this from my ‘belle chambre dans le gite de paradis” (beautiful room in the cottage of paradise’) somewhere in northern Europe. Yup. You’ve guessed … Continued

A Summer Opening – At Her Majesty’s Convenience

It gets me every summer. From 22 July – 1 October 2017 the neoclassical behemoth, crouching at the end of the Mall, that we all know (and love?) as Buckingham Palace opens its doors once again to the public. My thoughts immediately go to Her Majesty and what she does while people are photographing her chairs, … Continued

Strawberries and Cream and a Stripy Lawn Dream

Every year, along with thousands of other tennis fans, I go through the ritual of watching, hoping and yet ultimately accepting that the chances of a British woman winning the singles competition is fairly slim. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got some fab players. Heather Watson, comes back from a year of injury and not … Continued

Forlorn over Your Lawn? What Would The Bear Do?

I am in my garden, gazing, over the top of my laptop, at my rather neglected lawn. It was cut a little while ago but it has rained a fair bit since and Brody, my friend and sometime gardener has gone on his hols. I have been, as usual, trying to come up with some … Continued

Seven Super Songs for a Sizzling Summer Party.

Well. La Glasto is over for another year and what a line-up it was. Chic were at their most chic and funky with Nile Rogers giving it everything he’s got… including asking the audience a lot if they wanted to party… I assume they did…why else go to Glastonbury? It’s hardly educational. Barry Gibb proved that … Continued

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Lawn

Hello. Yes. It’s me. Holly. On a Thursday. Drew snaffled my spot on Tuesday to write about our tip-top competition winner Ali Fanstone and her new Redback mower. Jolly good. However, that means you have to ready my crazed scribblings on a Thursday. I know! So. Even a townie like me knows we are properly into mowing … Continued

Hedge Trimming Heads up – Watch Out For The Birdies

Now. Even someone with as little gardening know-how as I (I the female opposite of Midas, I the black-fingered queen of darkness for whom nothing touched in the garden turns to gold, I who have the touch of Hindu demon Bhasmasura, with the gift of turning things to ashes when I get my delicate little gardening gloves … Continued

Perfect Pitch? Not According To UEFA. Inspirational Turf Rolling Banned In Europe!

Now. Regarding sport As a ‘dyed in the wool’ tennis fan (well I say dyed-in-the-wool, it’s mainly special man-made fibres these days as wool doesn’t absorb sweat properly apparently… oh please! )  Sorry.  Like Ronnie Corbett, I digress. Where was I? Ah yes. As a firm tennis fan and a rabid socialite, not to mention blogger, … Continued