And The Winner is… Jane Bates. Congratulations on Your New Cobra Mower

Another spring, another spring competition. Our latest Mower giveaway fest closed on the 6th and we have a deserving winner. The successful entrant and winner of our UK designed, petrol powered Cobra M4OC Lawn Mower is Jane Bates with her comical story of lawn mowing and shelled reptiles. Jane’s prize is powerful, great value and smart … Continued

Spring Clean Your Lawn – Scarify and Make Your Grass Happy

A short while ago we sent out a newsletter to all our subscribers on the benefits of scarifying, full of advice and tips and information. It seems only fair to share that information with you, our blog readers, so here is a potted version with some useful links and a few tips to help you make … Continued

Learn about Lawnflite. A Popular, Reliable, Best-Selling, Great Value Lawn Mower Manufacturer.

As the dreaded Beast from the East finally crawls, weary and soggy, back into its hidey-hole (hopefully) the rain retreats (fingers crossed) the sun, with his headwear firmly on, advances (likewise) and the grass grows (definitely, just look at it) we are all thinking about our lawns and how, when, and with what to cut … Continued

Reasons To Buy A Hayter Mower – There are Quite A Few.

As spring sneaks inconspicuously its way into our world, blinks apologetically and blames its late arrival on the traffic, we look forward to sunnier days and time spent in the garden. Yesterday’s blog from Mr Roberts, my mate and every sommelier’s friend, concentrated on those iconic veterans of British lawn care, Hayter lawn mowers. There’s … Continued

A Little Bit Off The Top – How To Do The First Mow of The Year

The dreaded B from the E appears to have retreated back to whatever eastern European fairytale it came from, wagging its snow-flecked, forked tail behind it, the sun is shining, the air is a little warmer and your grass is definitely growing. It is often said that the most popular weekend for taking your first … Continued

Why Should I Scarify My Lawn? Good Question. Here’s Why.

Ok. First of all, let’s get rid of the big, cold, blowy, highly unseasonal, large, snow coloured pachyderm in the room. I’m talking about the Mini-B from the E that just invaded our spring weekend.  Yes, it turns out the beast from the East had a great big, galumphing, eat-out-your-fridge and never tidy the bedroom, … Continued

Mow Time is Coming So Use our MowHow to Choose your Ideal Machine

I’ve just been listening to the international melodic, radio-blasting tour de force that is Adele,  in her inimitable “Oi. You. Listen to me!” style singing ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ and found myself thinking how uncomfortable that would be for all of us. The woman is terrifying. Not content with stalking every ex-boyfriend she ever … Continued

Mowing, tilling, preparing – it’s time to get out in the garden at last

Yes. As my celebrated colleague and grapevine botherer, Mr Dick Roberts put it yesterday in his blog, at last, the morning sun has some heat (at last). He’s right. This morning was pretty pleasant and we can perhaps see the end of the freezing temperatures that have tormented us like the Harpies in the Greek legend … Continued

Time to think about the coming season. Why not start a veg patch? Some tips

The sun has been shining, the snow has been snowing, the wind is blowing, the grass is growing. So far so British springtime. But don’t forget, whatever you are looking out outside, you need to start thinking about the coming growing season. Dick’s blog yesterday quite rightly extolled the virtues of the very fine Oleo-Mac … Continued

Spring is Waiting In The Wings – We Need To Get On With The Garden – Use Our MowHow

A couple of weeks ago, the legendary American weather forecasting rodent, known to all as Punxsutawney Phil, came out of his little Groundhog house in Pennsylvania and saw a shadow, predicting another six weeks of cold and misery. We don’t actually have our own UK groundhog, but if we had, let’s say for the sake … Continued