Christmas Is Over But The Sale Is Still On. Just. Great Deals Including Super Oleo-Mac. Hurry

OK crop pickers. Listen up as I don’t have a lot of time. What do you mean why? OK. Since you ask… I have to take down the tree, put away all the decorations, bathe the dog after the gravy incident, clean up after the botched clean up after the useless tidy up after the … Continued

Time is Running Out To Buy Our Gardening Gifts For Christmas – Only a Few hours Left

Now is not the time to be blogging wildly, I have far too much  to do and I’m sure you do too. So I will keep this short and sweet. Suffice to say, I am just here to let you know that our Gardening Gifts offer is over very soon so you had better gate your … Continued

Let It Snow – But Clear Up Quickly – Have a Look At Our MowHow Snow Blower Guides

I’ve taken Holly’s usual slot today as it would seem apposite to talk a little bit about snow. She doesn’t mind, by the way, as she’s decided to take the opportunity to do some more seasonal shopping and, to use her words, “find myself unexpectedly unable to get home in time for lunch so I … Continued

Sing a Song of Christmas – A Pocket Full of Gifts

A Christmas song is a bit of a strange animal. I mean, most artists claim songs come to them in dreams, or when they are just sitting playing the piano or guitar, or thinking about stuff in general but a Christmas song is a deliberate act of making music about a pre-existing subject. Weird? I … Continued

Time to Be Prepared – Tips and Information on Snow Blowers

Dick has again treated us to a vision of our possible near future in his blog and, as some forecasts are saying, points out that snow could be on the way. He, quite rightly, has highlighted a couple of top Oleo-Mac Snow Blowers (the Artik 52 Single-Stage and the Artik 56 Dual Stage, both great deals) … Continued

If Snow Is On The Way Be Prepared – Even A Light Fall Can Cause Chaos

My gardening guru, and taste appreciating beer buddy Mr Dick Roberts, in his simple and effective style, informed us yesterday in his Monday blog that snow may well be on the way and, in true friendly and helpful style suggested you take a look at one of our hottest bargains, designed to break the ice … Continued

Black Friday Sale – Deals A-Plenty – Get Them While You Can

Black Friday. I know. It sounds like some horror film from the eighties where a bunch of college kids who can’t get home for the vacation due to a mysterious snow storm, have to spend the night at the college and are stalked by some scary creep in a boiler suit wielding a well-sharpened and … Continued

Blow Me! Redback Blower Has Plenty Of Puff Says Pro Gardener.

I can still see leaves everywhere. When will they go? It’s funny, when you see them on the trees you stare at them for a while and think to yourself  “Wow. That’s a lot of leaves” (yes, I really know how to live). But when they hit the ground around this time of year they … Continued

Smashing Pumpkins at the Quiz Of The Week and a Big Slip for Shouty Mal

If you read these blogs regularly (both of you) and have the standard quotient of wits about you (which you undoubtedly have) you may just have picked up that I am partial to the odd beer. This means that my local hostelries are positively queueing up to throw cheer and bonhomie at me, particularly at … Continued

Autumn Mowing – The Italian Way

You may well think that, being autumn, this is the time to hang up your hunters and sit back with a big mug of tea, watching ‘Strictly’ on catch-up and scoffing chocolate like your life depended on it. Not so old fruit. Your onesie and maltesers sponsored ‘Gogglebox’ opportunity has not come just yet. Due … Continued