Scarify Now And Set Your Lawn Up For The Future

My colleague Dick is, as usual, right on the button with his timing in his blog yesterday which extolled the very real virtues of the Einhell GC-SC 2240P  a petrol hero that has pretty much seized the hearts and minds of our customers and filled them with unalloyed enthusiasm… “You can’t go wrong. This machine is … Continued

September Song – September Deals

My timely title title today, September Song, refers to a famous and beautiful, wistful and haunting balled, written by the great Kurt Weill, made famous and covered by such vocal royalty as Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Ella Fitzgerald, not to mention the sublime Lotte Lenya, wife of Bertolt Brecht and rather unfairly, best known to a … Continued

Sooner or Later You’ll Buy a Hayter – In Praise of a Great British Mower

My very good friend and bon viveur extraordinaire, Monsieur Dick Roberts was, as usual, in nail on head hitting form yesterday with his timely wee blog, praising and pointing out the benefits of a certain Hayter Mower, the Hayter Osprey 46 Push 3-in-1 Lawnmower (Code: 610A) Why timely? Well, firstly because in these financially uncertain times, … Continued

What’s Lurking at The Bottom of Your Garden? Why Not Clear It and Find Out? Here Are A Few Tips.

The bottom of the garden is a funny old place. It’s the natural habitat for fairies, it’s the traditional area for building or finding ‘secret dens’ when you were a child, the home of the treehouse and the rope swing and it’s where your uncle Bob skulks off to have a crafty cigarette during the barbecue, hoping no-one … Continued

Mighty Mountfield – The People’s Choice – Grab One Of Them For Less In Our Summer Sale

What’s big, red, shiny, hard working and popular? No it’s not Donald Trump, he seems to spend most of the time on his golf course and popular? Hmmm. Let’s not go there right now. No the answer is, of course, a Mountfield Tractor. My old ale loving mate Dick blogged yesterday about three of their … Continued

The Word Is Spreading – Five Good Reasons To Go Cordless With Redback

Very shortly , like so many of you, I shall be off on the annual jaunt we laughingly call our summer holiday. I say laughingly because an awful lot of this two week ordeal seems to be spent travelling and dragging around large pieces of luggage, most of which don’t belong to me or have anything … Continued

The Right Stripes – A Few Tips

Yet again I find myself starting my weekly writy thing by referring to the blog posted yesterday by my esteemed colleague and fellow bon viveur, Mr Dick Roberts. In his piece he points out that, although you can get some kind of stripe from other mowers, it is only by using a proper rear-roller mower … Continued

The Industrious Mr Fox – The Only Worker In Town

On Saturday last, I spent a good deal of my valuable time waiting for a rogue urban fox to appear, so I could find out how he is getting into our garden and attempt block his entrance. It seems the little red rotter has been stealing from our bins and nibbling at my green beans, which … Continued

First Class Service – and I’m Not Talking About Jo Konta

So Wimbledon’s week two is in full swing and I am in a dreamlike state as I contemplate that even the possibility of a British female quarter semi-finalist happening in my lifetime seemed madness only last week. I pinched myself a couple of days ago (it hurt, I wasn’t dreaming) when Jo Konta beat Simona Halep … Continued

Weed Out The Enemy and Reclaim The Garden For The Big Barbecue

Ok. I’m sure your garden isn’t quite as bad as all that, and who dumps an old car in their garden, but you get my drift? If you’ve let it go, this is a good time to get hold of it again. Yesterday my fellow beer and garden enthusiast Mr Richard Roberts has hit the proverbial … Continued