The gardening year starts now – here are ten top machinery deals for the Easter weekend

Now’s the time to get out into the garden, the first major holiday of the year. And after snow which crippled the country and left roads impassable and damaging winds which felled trees and caused chaos in the flower beds, we are celebrating the Easter period with ten unbeatable lawnmower deals. Don’t be in too … Continued

Three exclusive mowers at brilliant prices designed for British lawns

With the first holiday of the year approaching now’s the time to invest in a new mower for the summer. And here are three exclusive machines which have been designed for British lawns and conditions. And we don’t think you will find better value anywhere. First, and new for this year, is the Racing 5073T … Continued

Top Hayter lawnmowers for an iconic striped British lawn

Easter approaches, the first major gardening weekend of the year, when you realise just how much work there is to do. It was impossible to do anything during most of the winter because of the bitter weather, so now there are loads of jobs to do. Not least, the lawn. A neatly-trimmed lawn sets off … Continued

Ten top rotary lawnmowers to give the Spring lawn its first trim

This is the weekend when lawns get their first trim of the year when that smell of new-mown grass penetrates the air for the first time. Old faithful mowers are dragged from the back of the shed, covered in dust and cobwebs, and bullied into life again. Or maybe not. Many of you will think … Continued

Back in stock and ready for delivery, mowers from a leading German engineering company

As we move into the official version of Spring and winds ease away from the east the lawns can now be given their first light trim without too much fear of another bitterly cold spell. But let’s not say too much, anything is possible in this unusual period. So here are some great lawnmowers from … Continued

Time to let the lawn breathe again with this great German scarifier

First things first. We can all agree that this latest little nip of winds from the east is not wanted and very unseasonal and we want it gone. Second, as soon as it does disappear, plants and lawns will grow very quickly, so we’d better be ready to get down to a few days hard … Continued

Ten top ride-ons and lawn tractors for Spring lawns, some at reduced prices

With Spring held back by the recent bitter weather, the grass is looking much more healthy as the snow melts and moisture penetrates the roots. And if you have a larger lawn now is a great time to buy a garden tractor for the first Spring trim, especially as the prices of some models are … Continued

Statues and benches on the lawn? No problem with this easy turning mower

Lawns with trees, garden benches and various ornaments can be a devil to cut as no sooner have you started on a straight length you are on the turn. But this exclusive mower from a leading German engineering company has the answer. The Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower has a castor wheel at the … Continued

Exclusive deals on Al-Ko top German lawnmowers

German manufacturing and engineering company Al-Ko produces excellent lawnmowers and all manner of garden machinery and with the temperatures at last easing up, here are some exclusive deals to welcome the grass cutting season. First, is the Al-Ko 42 BR-A Power-Driven Petrol Lawn Mower made for lawns around 800m2 and letting you choose between collecting … Continued

Let your grass draw breath – ten top scarifiers for a perfect verdant spring lawn

Despite sorry-looking grass with long straggly growth, weeds and moss and the general rubbish of winter on the surface, lawns are doing their best to start to grow. But they need a bit of help to ease them from their winter lethargy and let them breathe and flourish. Scarifying will ease out the moss and … Continued