Ten top cylinder mowers to give the British lawn that great striped finish

Now the grass is growing and has had its first cut, the time has come to make sure that you have the perfect finish for your lawn.
Everyone thinks of the finely cut country house lawn with the alternating light and dark stripes and to achieve this you need a cylinder lawnmower with a rear roller.
These remain a popular each year so here we list our ten top cylinder mowers from across the whole range we carry.
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Webb lawnmower
Webb lawnmower

The simplest and most basic little mower is the Webb H12R Hand-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower.
This neat little mower is the type many of you will remember from years ago where revolving blades trap grass to be trimmed against a cutting bar.
It is perfect for the smaller and lawn and as there is no motor, equally perfect for the city gardens.
It has a heavy chain drive for a longer life and has a wide rear roller which gives the all-important striped finish and makes it easier to mow close to the edges. A good sized grass 18-litre box means fewer stops for emptying.
Cutting height is adjustable from 13 to 25 cm and the cutting width is 33 cm.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Cost: ££89.99

A similar hand-propelled machine is the

Comfort and a touch of style: Al-ko
Comfort and a touch of style from Al-ko

Al-ko Soft  Touch Hand-Propelled Lawn Mower With Collector
This works in a similar fashion and has a 38 cm cut while large wheels make it easy to use and a rear deflector keeps the clippings falling down and on your shoes.
The cutting height can be adjusted from 14 mm to 45 mm and the cylinder cassette is ball bearing mounted.
There is adjustable height-of-cut (14 – 35mm) for coping with a variety of grass lengths; and a 41-litre grass-catcher that eliminates the need to tidy-up with a rake.
There is free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s guarantee on this machine which costs £99.00 as compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £109.

Bosch AHM38G Hand Cylinder-Mower
Bosch AHM38G Hand Cylinder-Mower

The third hand-powered machine in this section comes from Bosch and is the Bosch AHM38G Hand Cylinder-Mower
This machine which benefits from German engineering has the company’s hand-propelled mower technology to give a very precise cut. The cutting height goes down to a very low 15mm and up to 43 mm and is controlled by a handwheel.
The 25L grass-collector is included and helps stability when mowing close to the lawn edges. There is free delivery on this model which costs ££69.95


Allett Classic 12E Made In Britain.
Allett Classic 12E Made In Britain.

The next machine, and the first electric powered mower, is British made and recalls the days of chattering mowers across cricket pitches.
The Allett Classic 12E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower is from a company tracing its history back nearly 50 years.
Cylinder mowers by their very design, give a much closer trim to the lawn and this model can cut down to 6 mm and up to 32 mm. and two rollers, a steel one to the rear and polythene one to the front give a perfect finish.
As an added advantage the cutting cylinder can be easily replaced by a scarifying cylinder to keep the lawn in top condition.
For added comfort, the front handlebars have two positions and the controls are on the handlebars.
There is a 22.5 metre cable with this machine which costs £429 and it also comes with free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Another mower from Webb now, the Webb H18 Hand-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower has a top-quality

Webb H18 Propelled by Hand with a smart cut
Webb H18 Propelled by Hand with a smart cut

hardened-steel cylinder fitted with five razor-sharp blades for a smart and efficient cut with no missed patches. The 24 and 75cm cylinder height is fast to set-up so you can to suit your preferred finish with ease. It is compact and is fitted with a four-piece rear-roller for the classic striped effect. A 22 litre grass-collector is included with this mower and the price is a very impressive £99.99. This machine comes with free delivery to the UK mainland.

Another machine from the same British supplier is the

Best of British: Allett Sandringham 14E
Best of British: Allett Sandringham 14E

 Allett Sandringham14E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower with an 87 cc four stroke engine which is easy to start.
The steel rear roller gives the all-important finish and with a cutting width of 35 cm, it is the ideal traditional mower for the medium sized lawn.
Cutting heights vary from 6 mm up to 32 mm and there is a scarifying cassette which can easily be fitted to replace the cutter.
There is a 32 litre grass box.
This British machine costs £599.00, has a one year manufacturer’s guarantee and is delivered free the next working day.

Allett Kensington 14K Lawnmower
Perfect stripes: Allett Kensington 14K lawnmower

Another from Allett is the  classically-styled Kensington is the Allett Kensington 14K Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower
You can set this mower as low as 6 mm for a perfectly smooth lawn. Powered by a Kawasaki 98 cc engine it has a three alternative transmissions, roller and blade , roller only or blade only which is very handy when crossing a hard path or gravel. You can also be very precise when moving around tight places.
The width of cut is 35 cm and there is a 52 litre grass box making this suitable for large/medium or larger sized lawns.
There is also a useful scarifying cassette which can be easily fitted should you want to rid the lawn of annoying moss or dead grass.
The mower costs £1099 a saving of £80 on the recommended price of £1179, it has free next working day delivery and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Gold medal stripes: Massport Olympic 400
Gold medal stripes: Masport Olympic 400

Another modern mower with the classic cylinder design is the
Masport Olympic 400 Cylinder Mower
With its six bladed steel cylinder, it is designed for precision cutting right down to a depth of 7 mm and up to 30 mm.
The engine is a 127 cc Briggs & Stratton, smooth running and easy to start, and the cutting width is 50 cm. The grass box is a very large 51 litres.
There are heavy front and rear steel rollers to give the striped finish.
This machine comes with free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs £969, £50 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.

Class: Masport Olympic 660
Class: Masport Olympic 660

Another machine with a similar design, also from Massport is the Masport Olympic 660 Cylinder Mower which is on special offer at £1,269. This is a machine made to tackle larger areas and leave them with a perfect finish. It has a 65 cm cut and will cut down to 7 mm. It has a front lawn rake for an even better cut and is used on golf greens, cricket pitches and bowling greens.
The engine is an ultra reliable Briggs & Stratton 205cc and is made for a longer life with solid steel chassis and a powder coated finish and the rear roller is split for better manoeuvrability .
Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
And the final one on our list is the all-time classic used on cricket pitches, tennis courts and the country’s best lawns for years.

Allett Buckingham 24 Cylinder mower
Allett Buckingham 24 Cylinder mower

The Allett Buckingham 24H Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower has a front roller, followed by a grass comb and the lawn is then cut by a six bladed cylinder followed by a heavy rear roller.
The Allett has a 196 hp Honda engine and controls are on the handlebars for ease of operation.
The cutting height goes right down to 5 mm, important when cutting cricket pitches and bowling greens and goes up to 35 mm so there is bound to be the right height for any formal lawn.
Cutting width is 61 cm and there is an optional trailing seat (shown) for larger lawns making mowing with this machine in its traditional green and gold an absolute pleasure.
The mower costs £3699 comes with free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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