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Guide to shredding garden waste and choosing the right garden shredder from UK's largest online retailer of garden shredders .

Garden shredders
Garden shredders are an essential aid for the bio-cultivation of your garden. Nature's valuable 'waste' material, including leaves, twigs, hedge clippings, tree prunings, larger shrubs and branches, are a vital source of natural nutrients and when returned to your soil as shredded waste ensure the best growing conditions are achieved in your garden. With a garden shredder you can reduce such waste materials to make them suitable for composting. Shredded waste offers a greatly increased surface area, easing the tasks of the inhabitants of the compost heap. And as an additional benefit of shredding garden waste, the rotting process will also be accelerated by the thorough mixing of raw material by your garden shredder. There are many different types and makes of garden shredder available in the UK and to aid you in your choice we've put together this quick and easy guide to all the best garden shredders at the lowest prices from the leading brands.

You might begin by asking what types of material you wish to shred and what quantities of shredded waste you will want your garden shredder to handle. Lets start our review with the basic models of garden shredder for general use in smaller gardens. A number of brands supply this type of shredder and prices can begin at under £150. JCB offer a 1800 watt electric powered garden shredder that comes with a handy debris collection box for your shredded waste and can shred branches up to 35mm. An even cheaper, low priced electric shredder is available from Mowerland which has a powerful 2200 watt motor. Both these models come with wheels for transporting your garden shredder around the garden. Undoubtabley however the best value garden shredder currently on the market is the Ryobi ESR2240 Electric Impact Shredder/Mulcher which comes in just under the £100 mark. Another good value shredder, the Ryobi RSH-2455 Electric Quiet Shredder/Mulcher will be available from 2006 for under £150. One of the secrets of good shredding is reducing the size of the shredded waste by as much as possible and Ryobi offer well made Shredder/Mulchers which produce small sized ready-to-use mulch. If you have large quantities of leaves to shred, MTD-Lawnflite offer a robust metal-bodied model with a large sized hopper. Premium brand models of this basic type of garden shredder are also available from Bosch (Rapid garden shredders), Alko (Power Slider range) and Viking for under £200.

A slightly more expensive style of garden shredder is also available from Alko (Micro Dynamic Electric Garden Shredder) which employs a micro-fine shredding system with 5 shredder blades (most basic models of garden shredder have just two). This shredder produces very fine shredded material which gives the advantage of 20% less volume, making decomposition two to three times quicker. The shredder system on this garden shredder can also be adjusted to produce a coarser cut (and larger chippings) when chipping wood up to 40mm in diameter.

For residential areas where noise is an issue, a number of garden shredder manufacturers supply what are normally referred to as 'quiet' or 'silent' low noise shredders. The garden shredders mentioned so far all employ metal blades to shred waste by literally slashing the material at a high impact speed. Low noise garden shredders employ a cutting/squashing mechanism to achieve maximum material through put at a minimum noise level. These low noise shredders are available in the UK from Alko, Atco and MTD-Lawnflite and offer the additional advantage of producing small-sized shredded waste for less waste volume and optimum rotting properties. The more powerful models of low noise garden shredders are suitable even for larger gardens and will handle branches up to 40 mm in diameter.

If you have large quantities of garden waste to dispose of, Alko and Viking (GE250) both produce heavy-duty electric garden shredders to meet the needs of the largest of gardens and more demanding projects. The Alko TCS2500 heavy-duty electric garden shredder also employs a Tandem Cassette System to ensure high through put of shredded material.

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